Our mission

To strengthen citizen engagement and enable responsive governance.

Our Vision

Prosperous, inclusive, and active democracy for the Global South.

Above: some pictures from one of Shaasan's civic training programs,Digital Media Literacy Workshop. Youth aged 16-24 learn about digital media literacy and ways to counter disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation in light of Nepal's surge in social media use as well as the upcoming 2022 general elections.

Civic disengagement is a first-principle problem - a deep, wicked problem that lies at the source of many other issues in Nepal. In its 250 year history, Nepal has had less than fifteen years of stable democratic experience. Over the past 58 years, Nepal has had 49 Prime Ministers. Nepal ranks as one of the worst performers in government effectiveness, governance, and public participation in the world.

But we believe this wicked problem can be mitigated. With increasing access to technology, a potential demographic dividend in the form of a large youth population, and unprecedented political enfranchisement, Shaasan seeks to change Nepal from a perfunctory and procedural democracy to a performance-oriented, participatory one.


Out of 137 countries,
Nepal ranks 90th for 'governance'
in the Bertelsmann Stiftung Index.

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