Panel Discussions

In order to better inform the community through the views and words of experts in various civic sectors, Shaasan has been conducting weekly Panel Discussions. Shaasan’s panel discussions come under its ongoing program of CEP or “Citizen Engagement Program. Through the CEP the Shaasan team has been reaching out to as many citizens as possible in order to better inform and engage citizens in regards to civic matters. Initially designed as an in-person workshop series, which were being conducted at various venues throughout the Kathmandu valley, Shaasan has recently redesigned the program to be conducted via Zoom. This was primarily done in order to reach out to an audience outside of the Kathmandu Valley as well as a precautionary measure against the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

Through inviting civic society leaders and experts, Shaasan has successfully been able to conduct panel discussions in regards to topics such as the Nepali Constitution, Women’s Rights, Education, Dalit Rights and Entrepreneurship amongst many others. Civic Engagement being at the cornerstone of Shaasan’s objective, the organization has deemed it necessary to conduct frequent discussions wherein the community at large is engaged and informed.

Individuals from a wide range of professional experiences including social workers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and ministers, and civic organizers including Dr. Prakash Saran Mahat, Mr. Narayan Adhikari, Dr Suchheta Pyakural, and Dr. Pukar Malla, have taken part in these weekly discussions. Through hosting individuals with a myriad range of experiences reflecting different aspects of civil society in Nepal, Shaasan hopes to further engage citizens throughout Nepal.