Know Your Rights

The Nepalese Constitution is a recent addition that has brought long-lasting changes to Nepal’s political landscape. Created and written because of an over 7-decade long process and struggle for democracy, the Nepali constitution of 2015 brought along articles and charters that have brought enduring changes to Nepal. Since many of these changes are unknown to Nepali citizens, Shaasan brought along a series titled “Know Your Rights”. The Know Your Rights series delivers a concise and precise understanding of the Nepali constitution, its various articles, and civic rights in a very accessible, understandable way by Nepali citizens.

The Know Your Rights campaign and infographic series ran from the 27th of April 2020 to the 12th of February 2021. The series was successful in garnering citizen interest regarding the Nepali Constitution of 2015 as well as the rights and duties that each citizen has. The series was successful in creating infographics that were easily available as well as understandable to the layman. Creating infographics with an emphasis on visuals allowed for the series to be understood by a wider audience as a whole.

Shaasan has pledged to create further infographics and series such as the “Know Your Rights” series as well as our ongoing “Facts of the Day” series for our viewers. Shaasan hopes to reach a wider audience in an effort to do away with civic and political apathy and create civic engagement. You can view all of our digital engagements and activities here.